April 20, 2020

Debit and Credit Card Users Must Know This To Secure Transactions

Most people prefer to use a debit or credit card when they want to make transactions on their groceries. In addition to being easy and fast, they don’t need to bother carrying more cash with a small amount. This is also a form of increasingly sophisticated technology utilization.

Considering that in this day and age many people are committing crimes using technological sophistication such as skimming, ATM burglary, fraud via SMS, e-mail or telephone and so on, the banking sector has begun to provide increased security for all users of debit or credit cards.

There are many tips you can do to make it safer to use a credit/debit card. Reporting from mastercard.co.id, following a summary of features and security tips that you need to understand.

Safety Features

Safety Features

Every banking system will certainly provide the best service for its users, one of which is by providing several security features as follows.

There is a Chip on the Card

Indeed, in general, all banks have already implemented cards containing chips on the front display. Now, the existence of this chip makes data safer, because the data stored on the chip has been encrypted so it is difficult to read. This is certainly not possible to be duplicated or cloned. That way will avoid cases that have recently occurred namely burglary or skimming.

Global Concierge Service

It can’t be denied, crime can happen anywhere and can be experienced by anyone. Do not panic or worry if while traveling or traveling have lost your wallet or had been mugged, special MasterCard users can rely on the Concierge service Global or Global Emergency Services.

With this feature, you can get emergency cash within 2 hours and the bank will process card replacements within the allotted time, which is 24 hours in the United States, while 48 hours worldwide. The way is very easy, just by calling the bank will immediately provide assistance.

Notification via SMS

Notification via SMS

Checking transactions regularly, both on debit and credit needs to be done. This will make it easier for you to find out about suspicious transactions, so you can directly contact the bank so that it is quickly identified and the problem is quickly resolved.

Well, all banks certainly have a notification feature via this SMS by sending notifications automatically each card used during a transaction. Take advantage so that checking transactions can be done easily and quickly. Contact the bank to register with the SMS notification service.


Every bank applies the ATM pin feature to users. The aim is to provide protection in the form of security in everyday use of each card, both when shopping at the mall or online. With a secret pin, other people can not access or use a debit or credit card that is owned, because only you know the pin code. Take care as best as possible so that no one else knows about it. If you forget, immediately contact the bank to request a new pin.

Pay-Free Protection

Banking that issues a MasterCard, freeing fees to users for shopping transactions at the mall or online. The bank only reminds all debit and credit card users only to have the policy to protect and properly protect all their cards.

Keeping Cards Safe

Keeping Cards Safe

It can’t be denied, crimes like picking up a wallet can come unexpectedly. However, this can certainly be prevented by doing a few tips to keep the card safe as follows.

Select the appropriate card

When applying for an account at a bank, you will definitely be given a card as a transaction tool. Previously, the issuing bank would provide an option, i.e. whether the card that printed the owner’s name or not. When choosing a card that has the owner’s name printed, of course, you have to wait for about three days and the card will be sent to your home address.

However, most people today choose the fast one, that is, just wait a few minutes for the card to be ready and can be used immediately but the owner’s name is not printed on the card. So, instead, the bank will tell you to sign the back of the card and this can be done using ordinary ink pens.

Both have the same purpose, including other than as a sign that the card is officially yours, the card is also not exchanged with other people’s property.

Store it in a safe place

Do not put cards anywhere. Keep the card in the safest place. If stored in a wallet that is normally inserted into a pants pocket, it’s a good idea to check your pants pocket regularly to make sure the wallet is still there or it can be stored in a small bag that can be worn and put the bag in front of the body. This needs to be done to keep the card safe.

Maintain the Confidentiality of Information

The information on the card must, of course, be carefully guarded so that no one else knows about it. Keep confidentiality from card numbers, PINs, usernames, passwords and so on. Be careful of fraud in the name of the bank and ask for confidential data, this is one of the acts of fraud. Because the bank will never ask for personal data information that is confidential.

written by Phyllis Espinoza - Posted in Credit